Earn $AIN Rewards with Runo NFTContribute to the future of Decentralized AI while you earn $AIN token rewards.We gather decentralized GPU resources for AI development. You choose the AI project you'd like to support, purchase a Runo NFT & then receive automatic monthly $AIN rewards paid directly into your crypto wallet.
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dob Studio x AI Network
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Minting: May. 7th, 6:00 PM (KST)
DOB Studio has been selected for the GPU accelerator program, a collaboration between AI Network and AWS at providing H100 (high-performance) computing resources. The Runo X DOB Studio NFT will use the H100 for modeling, training the AI on five diverse and unique filters for the upcoming 'deVut.ai' service. This initiative breaks down the high barriers to producing high-quality, creative video content, offering everyone the opportunity to easily create their own unique video content.
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GoodGang Runo2023 December 1st, 7:00 PM (KST)
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Meet Runo, your Running Node NFTRuno is a node NFT character of AI Network. This Runo NFT provides an environment where it is easier to participate in AI Network’s GPU worker node network. It is connected to AI Network nodes of various types and specifications, and provides periodic rewards to the owner.
Get it monthly!The new version of Runo starts running immediately upon purchase, earning rewards every month for a total of one year.
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