Bringing GPUs to Web3 Earn $AIN Tokens by supplying GPUs while democratizing AI for everyoneGPU nodes are the backbone of AI Network responsible for providing decentralized computation for developers and powering AINFTs. Anyone can earn $AIN by owning GPUs through Runo NFT.
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TUNiB, a startup founded by professional AI developers, is dedicated to pioneering advancements in NLP. Leveraging its proprietary language models, TUNiB operates a diverse portfolio of persona chatbot platforms, including DearMate, a mobile app that fosters meaningful interactions between users and AI personas. The TUNiB Runo NFTs are designed to optimize computational resources and elevate inference speed, enabling pre-trained English language models to be seamlessly integrated into chatbots.
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Minting ScheduleNov 24, 7:00 PM KST (KST)
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Meet Runo, your Running Node NFTRuno is a node NFT character of AI Network. This Runo NFT provides an environment where it is easier to participate in AI Network’s GPU worker node network. It is connected to AI Network nodes of various types and specifications, and provides periodic rewards to the owner.
Run to Level Up!Runo has additional features based on the history of its node activity, and accordingly grows in different shapes and forms. Adopt Runo and participate in various events using nodes to grow your own Runo!
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