Press release

Hansung University signs MoU with Common Computer
to operate AI training course.

News 1 / Jan 31th, 2020

"Real-time collaboration can lower the barriers of AI development," says AI Network.

Maeil Business / Jan 28th, 2020

Minhyun Kim, CEO of Common Computer, said “We will be uploading 50,000 open sources to the cloud. Developers can also make profit.” 

Decenter / Dec 12th, 2019

Common Computer hosted a hackathon : 'Open Source to Open Resource'.

Decenter / Dec 9th, 2019

Possibility of AI Network Provided by Idle System Blockchain

The Bchain / Nov 13th, 2019

Leading new paradigm of computing

KINEWS / Jan 25th, 2019

Blockchain-based "Open Resources" allows individual developers to create AI Services

Financial News / Nov 12th, 2018

‘Open Source to Open Resource’… P2P Computing for AI

edaily / Aug 13th, 2018

AI Network Meet-up : ‘Open Source and Blockchain’

NSP NEWS AGENCY / Aug 6th, 2018

“Running Machine Learning through Blockchain” … AI Network Meetup 3th Aug.

ZDNet Korea / July 31st, 2018

‘AI Network’, Winner 4th of ICON Demo day

Financial News / July 30th, 2018

Focus on Feasible and Excellent blockchain for the time being

The BCHAIN / July 23rd, 2018

Lablup-Common Computer, ‘AI Network’ Blockchain Project Launching

IT Chosun / July 18th, 2018

Incorporation of AI Network for AI blockchain project

Newstown / July 18th, 2018