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What is

AI Network

AI Network is a blockchain based, cloud computing architecture for large scale applications and programs, particularly for AI. Through a decentralized cloud infrastructure, AI Network turns text based open source projects into live services(aka. Open Resource). This incentives the creation and utilization of innovative programs globally.

Open Resource


Boundless Creativity

Creative implementations of novel ideas should be publishable by developers, without consideration for computational resource restrictions.

Global Backend Infrastructure

Public Utility

Global, open, instant, low-cost, ownerless service will create immense opportunity for hosting programs globally.

A global backend infrastructure should be designed and governed as if it were a public utility.

Ethical AI Development

We all have responsibility to support ethical engineers and continuously uphold the integrity of the AI ecosystem, especially for immutable AI programs on blockchain.

The AI Network Blockchain

The AI Network Blockchain is designed to provide secure access to computers connected to the network. This secure network will form a serverless computing architecture by utilizing accessible computers in the network

General Programming Language
& Heterogeneous Cloud Environment Supported.

To serve millions of open source projects, AI Network is designed to operate heterogeneous types of cloud from mobile phone to supercomputers.

Real-time Response to Transactions with Asynchronous execution.

Through this concurrent asynchronous transaction execution, the AI Network blockchain is able to achieve transaction throughput which is multiples higher than other popular blockchain implementations.



AI Network Connect

Manage your account and computing resources via Chrome Extension. Access customized serverless clusters on the blockchain network and connect to Open Source solutions.

AI Network Faucet

Get free Testnet AIN on AI Network Faucet.

AI Network Insight

Explore live and historical data on AI Network Blockchain. Dynamically modify blockchain state with AIN Connect integration.


Open Source as a Service Platform. Ainize allows developers to deploy their projects for free. Simply add a 'Run on Ainize' button on the Github repository. 



Partners of AI Network are innovators of the blockchain, AI, and cloud industries. To accomplish a shared vision: Open Source to Open Resource, AI Network is open to the organization with a great passion to build AI Network ecosystem together.

Common Computer Inc.

Common Computer is the main contributor to AI Network blockchain and operator of the first serverless cluster, Ainize.

Lablup Inc.

Lablup is the main contributor of AI Network ecosystem with its powerful ML cloud platform,


Unblock Ventures is a corporate blockchain-focused fund of LVC, a subsidiary of Japan’s leading messenger operator LINE Corporation. Unblock focuses on token investments to boost development and adoption of blockchain technology.


Nonce is one of the most powerful blockchain communities and a basecamp located in Seoul.

Hachi Labs

Haechi Labs is one of the most trusted smart contract auditors.


Decon is a blockchain technology advisory firm known as the first beneficiary of Binance X Fellowship in Korea.


Gopax is leading cryptocurrency exchange in Korea famous for a fast, reliable, technology-driven exchange service.


Founders is the leading blockchain education program for enterprises.


AI Network Monthly Update

:October 2020

November 1st, 2020

Meet AI Network at Consensus: Distributed 2020 Virtual Conference

May 11-15, 2020

New York

“Real-time collaboration can lower the barriers of AI development,” says AI Network.

Feb 13th, 2020