Bringing Large-scale AI to Web3AI Network enables access to large-scale AI for everyone, thanks to decentralized GPU resources that join the network. Our layer1 blockchain infrastructure is supported by the Runo NFT. Developers can gain access and benefit from these GPU resources through voting through AIN DAO members.
Large Models on AI NetworkCheck out large-scale AI models running on AI Network. With decentralized GPUs, you can now develop cutting-edge models without worrying about computing resources. Join AI Network today, and build amazing things for tomorrow.
GPT2, GPT3, GPT3.5Discord chatbot based on GPT3 specialized in travel information
Go to ask GPTravel-man
PolyglotLarge language models with higher non-English language performance
Experience AI Chatbot project by TUNiB
Stable DiffusionText-to-Art Discord bot creating images from prompts
Go to generate text-to-art
LLaMASoon to be released
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AI Network MainnetAI Network is a layer 1 blockchain designed to accommodate large-scale AI models, utilizing a decentralized GPU network powered by the $AIN token, enriching AI-driven NFTs (AINFTs).
AI Network Tools
AI Network ConnectManage your account and computing resources via Chrome Extension. Access customized serverless clusters on the blockchain network and connect to Open Source solutions.
AI Network InsightExplore live and historical data on AI Network Blockchain. Dynamically modify blockchain state with AIN Connect integration.
AI Network FaucetGet free Testnet AIN on AI Network Faucet.
Developer Resources
GithubSee development history and create PRs to correct or improve code.
DocumentsRead our docs and learn about AI Network and its core concepts.
AI Network Bringing AI
to Web3
EcosystemRuno NFTBuild on AINAINFTToken
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